Day 21

Leadership is a Gift from God

“The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it where he will.” - Proverbs 21: 1
“Leadership is a stewardship.”

This is a quote from Pastor Andy Stanley delivered to thousands of young church leaders in Atlanta a few years ago.

Stanley pointed out that any influence we have with others (that is, any opportunity we have to lead) is a gift from God.

God raises up and takes down leaders (Daniel 2:21). He can direct them in any way He chooses in order to bring more glory to Himself and ultimately bring about His purposes (Proverbs 21:1).

Romans 13:1 says in part, “There is no authority except from God.”

Think about the various leaders in your life. Thank God that He has entrusted those people with influence, and praise the Lord for how He is using those leaders to bring about His plans (even if you think their leadership is bad).

Now think about the people you have the opportunity to influence. Thank God for that opportunity to lead, and ask Him for wisdom and discernment in how to steward the opportunity well.
Pray: Lord, help me to better understand your sovereignty. Help me to see that You are in control and that You are the source of authority and leadership. Help me to trust You more regarding the work of the leaders You have placed in my life. And help me to better honor You with the way I lead.

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