For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Westside Fellowship has numerous ministries, some which focus on serving the families of the church, while others are designed specifically to reach out to the community and meet the needs of the people right where they are.
As a part of an effort to worship Christ, walk with Christ and work for Christ, we believe that all members are called to serve God by serving others.  We work diligently to equip and train you to carry out the ministry that God has shaped you for.  Contact us for more information about how to discover your SHAPE for ministry by looking at your

1)  Spiritual Gifts  2)  Heart  3)  Abilities  4)  Personality  and 5)  Experiences.  

Below you will find a list of ministries in the church.  We encourage you to serve in the body of Christ!



Provide help to families during times of need and financial crisis.

Children's Ministry

To offer quality care for children and provide spiritual guidance as they grow into the image of Christ.

Food Events Team

Prepare, arrange, and serve food for special church events including Wednesday Fellowship Meals, Membership Classes and Holiday Fellowship Meals.


Provide information about the church to those interested in joining Westside

Missions Ministry

Support local and foreign missionaries and missions programs.

Technology (Audio/Video/IT)

Setup, monitor, and record the music and events in the worship services.

Youth Ministry

Needs adult role models to provide quality Bible-based teaching and caring relationships to middle school and high school students.

Card Ministry

Send cards of encouragement, sympathy, well wishes, etc. to those in need.

Design & Decor

Provide a warm and inviting atmosphere through decor including decorating the church for various holidays.

First Impressions Team

Provide a good first impression visually as people come to Westside’s campus.  Each Sunday the team arrives before the services start to make sure that the outside parking lot and the inside of the church is clean and ready for the services to begin.


Provide a warm smile and a friendly handshake to welcome everyone to our Sunday morning services.

Ministry Meals

Help provide meals in times of births, sickness, and deaths.

Worship Team

Dedicated musicians and singers to lead church in praise and worship music.

Safety Team

To ensure the safety of our church attendees.

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